Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Horan Figure of the Week: Light Infantry Carabinier 1796

I apologize for not having updated the blog much with my own work recently. I have been very busy at the bench, but have been working on some commercial stuff, and have been asked by the manufacturers not to share until they are ready to do so. I hope to update you with the progress on the Quatre Bras piece in the near future, as well as potentially another 3 figure vignette that I have in the pipe line. BUt until then, please enjoy the Horan figure of the week!

This week features one of my favorite Horan figures! Love the pose as well as the defiant look complimented with his tattered and torn clothing.

As always, Click images for hi-res version


Anonymous said...

Wonderful work!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...
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