Saturday, July 9, 2011

Latorre Figure of the Week: Sergeant, 71st Regt of Foot 1825

Since the past three weeks the blog has only recieved updates in the form of Horan figures, while that is pretty cool in it self, I thought for this week (though a bit late...sorry!) that we'd change it up a bit. So here is an absolutely fantastic original by Raul Garcia Latorre. I have not had the pleasure to see many of Latorres figure in person, but I have seen about 6-7 of them (and have pictures of all of them!!) and they are really something to study. The pictures doesn't do the pieces much justice but they will be good to use as reference for studying techniques and color placement. Enjoy!

Click images for hi-res version 


Alasdair1746 said...

I,m sorry but I do really think that it´s much better the old 100mm Mil-Art.