Thursday, June 9, 2011

"Steady Lads, Here They Come Again!" - 42nd Highlanders, Quatre Bras, 1815

Here is a little 54mm vignette I've started working on. The picture showing the three figures is a bit dated, as the groundwork was not done, but more over the figures are not the same and the composition is not necessarily the same, it is similar but not the same. It's just included to give an idea as to where the project is headed.

The figure depicts an officer of the 42nd Highlanders (Regt. of Foot) at Quatre Bras. I've been wanting to experiment with more dynamic poses and this was the result of such an experiement. Small vignettes is also an area which I'd like to explore more, so it is a good project which covering many of my interests in one go.

Of note is the use of new materials since the last postings here, I've switched to a Duro/Magic Sculpt mix, but more on that at a later date.

The figure itself is sculpted with the new mix, the head is a Historex part and the scabbard is made out of a tooth pick, my favorite scabbard making material!

The painted figure is also a part of the vignette. I'll make a seperate post on that piece later on.

As always, click images for larger versions!


Death by Tray said...

Hi Anders
Your sculpts are getting better and better.
I hope to have the chance to paint one of yours some day.
All the best

ps: I'm planning a trip to the States for next year...

Anders Heintz said...

Hola and thanks! Glad you stopped by!

Let me know what you want to do, I'll sculpt you something anytime!

Also let me know when and where you are going...if you come to Texas I'll be happy to play your host!