Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Horan Figure of the Week is back! "Stand Fast You Boys From Maine!"

This is without a doubt a way over due update and hopefully a "re-launch" of "The Bench" blog. A lot has happened since the last postings but more on that later. To kick things off I thought a good dose of Bill Horan's work would do us all some good, and what better then a spectacular diorama called "Stand Fast You Boys From Maine!, 1863". The diorama that was finished in 1993 based on the date on the base,but 1994 according to "The Complete Bill Horan". Either way it is a timeless classic from Horans first book, the Military Modeling Masterclass. I had the opportunity to shoot the piece at the MFCA show earlier this year. So without further ado, please enjoy the pictures. The pictures are detail oriented as opposed to general views of the scene, I assume most people will be familiar with the diorama, and if not I appologize.

For over 190 Horan pictures already posted, click here.

As always, click images for larger pictures. 


Orb said...

Is it fixed? looks like it!

Anders Heintz said...


Panzer-Dude said...

Holy Cow Batman it's fixed!

Great Piece! and nice to see some super size images!
Thanks for sharing!

Anders Heintz said...

Wohoo! luckily it was easy as switching a check mark... anything more then that and I'd be in trouble.

Appreciate the help!

Kazufumi said...

I'm glad horan figure of the week is back, Thanks for sharing! BTW, do you own these horan figures?
Anyway, I always waching and enjoying your updates and your sculpting work!

Anders Heintz said...

Dear Kazufymi,

My pleasure! I hope to be able to keep updating it on a regular basis now.

I do not own these figures. They are parts of various collections that has graciously made available to me to photograph. Some pieces, such as this one, were available to photograph at a show.

Thanks for taking the time to comment!

Andy said...

Fantatsic to see the bench updated and also to see both your own and Bill Horans superb figures !