Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Horan Figure of the Week: Yogi Berra

This weeks Horan figure is the Yogi Berra figure that was included as a step by step in the "Complete Bill Horan" book published by Andrea Press a few years back. There are some great in progress pictures as well as a nice write up about the making of the piece in there. If you haven't checked out the book, it is well worth it!

As always, click on the images for hi-res version.


Orb said...

Great piece this one.....

Are some of these Horan pics taken with a flash? the lighting looks stark compared to your own work, and really shows some quite unconvincing "blends" - which I suspect aren't as obvious in the flesh?

I actually find these pics really educational

Anonymous said...

Incredible !! in all pictures we can see green putty !!!
Really think is Bill Horan the Best modeler?

Anders Heintz said...

All of the pictures are taken exactly the same way that my own work is. Macro mode with Flash with a Nikon DSLR.

The pictures are not intended to be pretty pictures, we all know the figures are master pieces and have seen them in various great pictures over the years.

These pictures are intended for educational use, to be able to see the details and the mechanics behind the pieces. To me, that is where the true value of the pictues lay, as we can disect the pieces and learn from them.

I think we all know that these pictures are extreme sized compared to the figure. As such some details not obvious to the eye will be more clearly seen, such as a few green spots here and there. The other 'disadvantage' of having a piece examined by a photo is that we can sit and look at a very enlarged, specific part of the piece, but when looking at the miniature in person and in real size, a lot of those things are not seen, or there is so much more to look at that each detail becomes less clear.

I personally think it is amazing how well these figures stand up to the extreme enlargements. Most of them are almost flawless at 20 times the size, amazing stuff!

Thanks for taking the time to comment!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting the super magnified pics of Bill Horan's work, Anders. You are right, they are very educational and interesting!