Sunday, June 12, 2011

72nd Regt of Foot, South Africa 1835

At this years SCAHMS show I had the very exciting opportunity to spend a couple of days at Bill Horans house, where we sat down and sculpted a bit. This was a dream come true, as who is better at posing miniatures then Bill Horan, and I learned quite a bit from him during this time. Not only did I get to pick his brain a bit, but left there extremely motivated to continue to push forward with my figures. 

The figure we worked on was this piece, a private from the 72nd highlanders, 1835 placed in South Africa. Bill posed the figure and it was very interesting to watch how he works the mannequin. The years of experience was very evident and I learned a lot just by watching.  The first shot if of the figure on Bills workbench. The rest of the pictures are a series of shots from various angles of the figure at each key stage.

This was the first figure I used the Duro/Magic Sculpt mix (though started out with A&B as Bill doesnt use Magic Sculpt). I decided to finish the figure out with the same materials when I returned home and started liking the mix more and more as a result.

The figure was painted with Reaper Master Series Paints as well as Vallejos. If you haven't tried the Reaper paints, you really should, they are truly excellent to work with!

A big thanks goes out to Bill, for the hospitality and the willingness to sit down and sculpt with me.

As always, click images for larger versions


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