Sunday, February 14, 2010

Unite or Die, 54mm Revolutionary War

Here is the next project on the bench! I have been working on this for the past week or so. It features a Historex horse, which has been slightly altered for a better pose as well as widened just a tad. Not many inprogress pictures of this piece as I'm doing it for the Atlanta show next weekend. The figure represents a farmer or other civilian in 1775 carrying the banner "Unite or Die", which was based on Benjamin Franklins "Join, or Die" political catroon which was published in 1756. The Unite or Die flag was 'adopted' in 1765.

The figure was sculpted with a mix of ProCreate (pC) and Magic Sculpt (MS) . It is a real pleasure to work when soft, it has a bit more body to it then just straight MS. It is also quite good to carve, a lot 'waxier' then when using MS by it self, which is more like a hard soap stone when carving. I prefer this mixture to that of Duro and MS, the color is better and is a bit easier to work and carve once finished. The only issue I have with pC is that it has tendencies to bubble up when speed cured, much more so then other putties. I've also heard this from companies who use vulcanizing rubber molds for metal spin casting, they have had some problems pressing the masters and getting bulges and bubbles when put through the heat of mold making. Luckily this is not a concern I had with this piece, and as long as care is taken when 'spreading out' the initial layer of putty on the figure it is a joy to work with. I would best describe it as very similar to Duro, just a little harder when cured and different color. I will use this mix again, but the next sculpt will be pure MS to see if it's really worth the trouble of mixing two putties together.

Anyway...enough rambling! Here are some pictures of the figure!
Click images for larger version

Here is how the left leg was done, the process was repeated on the right leg

And the painting has begun! I feel very rusty as I have not touched a paint brush since last November or so.