Friday, February 5, 2010

Drummer, 7th Fusiliers, 1781 - Part Five -

I've been pretty lazy this week, accomplishing little as far as sculpting goes. Need to get back on track as have a few things to do before the Atlanta show which is the weekend of Feb 19th. is some more progress! Here is work on the right arm. The hand is a resin casting and the (very crooked) drumsticks are  metal wire with the tips acheived by dipping the wire in superglue a couple of times. These will be straightened out before the figure is primed!

Click on images for larger version

And the same procedure on the left arm. The hand was sculpted with individual 'sausages' of duro/MS mix over a resin hand blank. Doing fingers like this is sort of tricky, but this was the first time I've done it so hopefully it will get easier and the results will get better as more experience is gained.

And finally for this progress update we have the bear skin hat. And it was kind of a bear to sculpt...(yes..I know...lame!). The plate was first done in pure Magic Sculpt, the reason for this was so that it could be carved and sanded with no problem. I started out sculpting the design on the plate but decided to try to paint it on, not sure how, but I'm going to try it! If that fails I will end up having to sculpt the plate as on the real thing it was stamped metal so it would have some relief to it. The putty was added for the fur parts and formed into the general shape, though the shape changed a little as the fur texture was sculpted into it. It is just something about the shape of these things that make them hard to do, other then the shape of Mitre Caps this is one of the harder ones to acheive decent results with, at least for me. I feel this one turned out ok, it's not perfect, but then again neither is the rest of the figure, but it's a decent representation of a bearskin hat, now I just have to try to paint the damned front plate...

Oh I forgot to mention the shoulder 'wings' and the shoulder boards. I didn't take any inprogress pictures of those, not sure why, but it just happened that way. I also ended up sculpting the hair out of the same 'blob' of putty that was used for the hat. It was not a planned thing, it just worked out that way, and if the opportunity arrives once more, I will do it this way again! It worked like a charm and saved a  lot of time. I'm all for time saving tricks, so there you go!