Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Figure of the week - Mike Blank - 54mm Danish Infantry 1704

It's been a lot of Horan lately so figured I'd switch it up this week with pictures of an excellent figure by Mike Blank. This is one of my favorite Blank pieces of all time I think, the pictures really doesnt do the piece justice. Anyways hope you will enjoy it!

Click images for larger version


Andreas said...

agreed anders, one of the greatest pieces of all time.simple pose,quite simple figure but so much effect!

mike blank is also good;) what about shep paine?


Anders Heintz said...

Shep Paine is a legend! He layed the foundation for the roads we are all travelling now. I think some artists like Blank, Latorre, Horan, Greg DiFranco, Doug Cohen etc etc took what Shep did and then raised the bar even higher.

Some inspirational stuff my friend.

Admin said...

This is great reference material for a mod I am making for a game. Thank you.