Sunday, February 7, 2010

Drummer, 7th Fusiliers, 1781 - Part Six -

The figure is about finished now! Did some work on the base, which is something I have not always been paying a lot of attention to, and it's a focus of mine to try to get better at it. Good groundwork can really help set off a figure and add to the effect of the over all piece.

Since the battle of the Cowpens took place in wooded pasture land some sticks and 'branches' were added to the base. It would not work to put a whole tree, or a tree trunk on a small base but wanted to put something to show perhaps branches falling off the trees, just something to tie it in with the battle field. Other materials used on the base were static grass, Hudson and Allan Forrest Litter, Woodland Scenic spunge stuff, and very fine sand. This was glued on with White Glue over a putty 'base'. Might still add a few things here and there such as rocks etc. but for the most part it is finished.

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And just for fun, here is a shot of my very messy bench! But trust me, it is a very organized diaster area! After all this blog is called the bench, so periodically I'll post pictures of the bench at it's current state of a harmonious Charlie Foxtrot


Robert Jan de Wit said...

Hello Anders,

Great blog you have here.
Can you tell some more on the WIP figures on your bench.
Thanks for the Horan and Blank photo's.

Robert Jan

Anders Heintz said...

Hola Robert,

I am glad you like the blog!

Let's see...on the bench are a few WIP's an a few compelted sculpts. On top shelf it's the Pioneer of the 77th foot and Thomas Jefferson, both ready for paint. On the main work area we have a 54mm Officer from the Zulu Wars, The Drummer as seen on the blog, a vignette of the battle of Blenheim 1704, a mounted Rev War piece (which will be the next Blog project), and the little green guy on the right is my first whole figure in pure duro, which is also from the Battle of Blenheim, and is part of the vignette, though it may turn into a single piece instead. We shall see! Hope this answers your question!

Robert Jan de Wit said...

Nice subjects, hope to see them on your blog soon.

Reminds me to update my own blog....


Andreas said...

ahhhh sweeet:)

blenheim,blenheim.....ahh!Mike Blank!

looking forward too seeing it!