Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Show Crunch!!

The Atlanta show is less then 48 hours away now! Still have some things to get done for the show so I'm preparing for a long evening at the bench!

Playlist for tonight:

Flyboys - WWI aviation flick

The War That Made America Disc I - PBS production of the French and Indian War

Sharpe's Waterloo - Heard a lot about this series, yet have never seen an episode, should be interesting!

Looking forward to listen/semi watch these movies! Might be hard to top last nights viewing of the 2001 version of The Count of Montecristo though, an amazing and satisfying movie!


Andreas said...

Anders! youre terrible!

I can not comment as fast as you post new ones!

great work as always and well picked horans;)



Anders Heintz said...

Hola Andreas,

Aaaw c'mon, not that terrible! I'm tryuing to get back to my normal pace when it comes to figures, just have been struggling a lot lately for some reason. I hope going to the Atlanta show will help bring me out of this figure funk!

I have pictures of about 50 more Horan figures, so hopefully there will be something for everyone!