Saturday, January 23, 2010

Private, 28th Mass. Infantry Regiment, 1862. 54mm

This was the second Fredericksburg figure I sculpted last year. I wasn't very pleased with the first effort but my good friend and awesome figure painter Doug Cohen really liked it, as such he ended up painting the first version. Still wanting to paint one my self, I sculpted this figure. Im still trying to figure out how to sculpt an ACW greatcoat in a manner that I am pleased with, but feel this sculpt turned out a bit better then the first one, but still not quite there yet. One of these days! I love great coats so I'm sure it is a subject I will revisit sometime soon. Sculpted with Magic Sculpt and Duro. Shennandoah rifle, canteen and cartridge pouch. The head is an excellent 1/32nd scale Hornet head.

For larger high resolution pictures go Here