Friday, January 22, 2010

54mm, Pioneer 77th Foot, 1758

Here is an almost finished figure of a Pioneer of the 77th regt of Foot from the French and Indian War. Still some clean up to do as well as a few more tweaks here and there including all the buttons. This is another figure that was sculpted in late 2009, as matter of fact it was at this stage before starting the 75mm 78th Grenadier figure. I hope to start painting it here in the next week or so. It should be part of my display at the upcoming Atlanta show, pending unforeseen disasters! As always, sculpted with Magic Sculpt with a Hornet head.

For larger pictures click here


Andreas said...

very nice pioneer anders!

how do you like blogging?

best regards from germany:)


P.S would be glad to hear you opinion on my sculpt:)

Anders Heintz said...

Hola Andreas!

Thank you!! Blogging is pretty cool, just trying to figure it all out and getting used to what one can and can not do! I added your blog to the list of blogs! I'll be happy to check your sculpt out, send me an email!