Saturday, January 30, 2010

Drummer, 7th Fusiliers, 1781 - Part One - Posing the Mannequin

After completing several commercial projects in the past few weeks it's time to do another one off. This time it is a drummer of the 7th fusiliers at the battle of Cowpens 1781. The regiment got over run after advancing into what they thought was a defeated army. The drummer depicted here is running for his life trying to avoid capture or death from the bayonet charging Continentals.

Posing the mannequin is one of the most important steps when sculpting a figure, it lays the foundation and sets the tone for the rest of the sculpt. A lot of time is spent bending the copper wire into the desired pose. The figure starts out with pre cast resin torso, pelvis and shoes as well as a head from the Hornet range. The drum is also in place for this stage to see the over all composition of the piece.

Click on images for larger version