Tuesday, January 19, 2010

78th Foot Grenadiers, Battle of Sillery, Quebec 1760. 75mm Sculpt

Here is a figure that was completed in late 2009. The material used for this sculpt was Magic Sculpt. The pink parts are also Magic Sculpt with some red Vallejo acrylic paint added when mixing the putty. I find when doing details such as lace etc. it is helpful to use a different color of putty to see whats going on a bit easier. This will be an upcoming release by Thunderbird Miniatures,a US based resin historical miniature company. Check out their website: Thunderbird Miniatures
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Unknown said...

This is one of your best thus far. I'm gonna have to paint one. Nice blog btw!


John Long said...

That's really nice Anders. This is the first I've seen of it.

Chris Mrosko said...

Atta Boy! Anders!
Keep up the great work.
Chris "Panzer" Mrosko

Anders Heintz said...

Thanks fellas! I delivered it to Mark at Thunderbird last night. I hope to have a casting painted for the Atlanta show this coming Feburary...we will see though!

Alasdair1746 said...

Really an unusual figure for a forgotten historical period. I do appreciate your comment about mixing acrylic paint with Magic sculp, great tip!. Congratulations, though I wish you´d do it in 90mm scale....I can´t hardly wait to get this one (great blog).