Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Horan Figure of the Week - Corporal, 79th Highlanders, Indian Mutiny 1858

I thought it boring for you blog visitors to only see my work on this blog. As a result I'd like to start doing "The Bill Horan Figure of the Week". Which means I will post pictures of a selected Horan figure each week until I run out of pictures to show. It might not be posted the same day each week but I will try to be as consistant as possible.

Bill has inspired us all through out the years with his magnificant creations, giving us all something to strive for, and showing us what can be acheived in miniature. So what better way to get excited about doing figures then looking at pictures of the masters work!

Corporal, 79th Highlanders, Indian Mutiny 1858


Andreas said...

this figure is one of my favourites;)

Thank you Anders! this is a great idea!

best regards

Andreas Wintraken

Anders Heintz said...

I think they are all one of my favorites!! :)

Stay tuned for more excellent work by Bill Horan