Friday, May 21, 2010

Reaper Miniatures Power Palette

Thought I would share something rather cool and useful with you all!! Have you ever looked at a picture, drawing, painting or perhaps a figure someone else painted and wondered what colors would produce the same effects and results? I bet we all have done that at one time or other.

Well, now we all have a very cool tool to use to find out the answers to these color questions, for free and it is easy to use!

The folks over at Reaper Miniatures have come up with a program where you can upload any picture and click on an area of that picture and it will give you a color that corresponds to the color on the picture. Of course, the references are for the Reaper paints, but it is a good start if you are using Vallejo or something else. Or you can just get the Reaper paint, it is excellent paint for sure!

Enough talk, go check it out, it is way cool!!

"The Power Palette is a fantastic aid for miniature painting! Upload an image, then click inside it; the Power Palette will give you the Master Series Paint color or colors it thinks are either close matches to the point you chose or colors you can mix together to get a great custom color! While, obviously, pictures of miniatures themselves would be useful, any picture is fair game; find a paint match for your favorite sports team, a skin tone from an alien in your favorite movie, or whatever else you can imagine! After around ten minutes of inactivity the picture will be removed off our server, so if it times out simply re-upload and get back to clicking! Note that all images must be JPEGs, GIFs, or PNGs and under 300KB in size. Further questions may be answered by the handy-dandy FAQ at the bottom of this page."


Rebecca said...

Great readding your post