Tuesday, May 25, 2010

54mm Cowboy -Painting WIP-

And the painting has begun! I'm still fumbling around trying to find my 'style' and continue to experiment with various tones and placements etc etc. This time around the face was base coated in a fairly dark mix, darker then what I'd normally use. Had some concerns regarding the ability to bring it up to decent shades of highlights, but it seems like it worked out fairly well, not much different then what the normal mix would behave like. The mix also contains a bit more reds and more greens then what was tried last time with the fifer. Though perhaps a bit too red really. The good thing is that the face is still a work in progress (wip) and that I've got plenty of the base mix left which will stay good for a couple of days at minimum if kept with plenty of water in the well of the palette. The figures left eye needs to be addressed as well as the 'stache needs some squaring off. Anyway, here are some wip pictures. More coming soon!