Monday, May 24, 2010

54mm Cowboy -Andrea Miniatures Conversion-

Here is the latest figure completed and ready for some paint. It is a simple conversion of Andrea Miniatures recent release of Teddy Rosevelt, one amazing sculpt! The anatomy and the proportions of the figure is just perfect so I knew I had to do something using that figure. I knew I didn't want to do the kit as it comes out of the box, but the choice of making a cowboy out of it was a pretty easy one to make, concidering the pose, and the build of the figure. It just lends itself well to become a cowpuncher!

The saddle is a resin copy of one I made for VLS/Streets of Laredo line a few years back. The bare resin saddle was then detailed with leadfoil, copper wire and stretched plastic.

I hope to start painting tonight!

Click images for larger version


Shahzaib Farooq said...

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