Monday, June 14, 2010

Figure of the Week -Van Gils Construction Company-

As you may have noticed the last two weeks these pages has been blank with regards to the Horan Figure of the week. Some of you may think this is due to no more pieces to show, however, I can gladly discredit that theory! There are plenty more to show, it is just that Summer time on a Ranch is a very busy time! So to make up for lost time it seems appropriate to start off the week with one special piece of modelling! This piece, undoubtedly one of the most creative and spectacular figures of all time, created by Marijn Van Gils a few years back, is probably known by most of you. Marijn brought the piece to MFCA this year and I had the oppertunity to take pictures of it, and with Marijn's permission you will now also be able to look at this magnificant piece in detail. The pictures are big, keep in mind the size of the construction workers, the figure is a 54mm figure! The pictures will show why this piece has received many honors, including best of show at Euro Militaire. Ok, enough babble from your's truly, please do enjoy!

Click images for larger (very large) version.