Tuesday, June 1, 2010

54mm Cowboy Update

Here is a bit more progress on the cowboy figure. It's slow going but it is getting there. Still playing around with colors and having a blast doing so. I'm really getting into cowboy figures, a subject which I have always enjoyed, especially since I have actually cowboyed 1867 style as well as in the 'modern' day. In reality, a very romanticized vocation, though I must admit I do miss it from time to time. Cowboys and Ranchers in general sure are a different breed of people as opposed to the city folks, in a positive way, at least in my way of thinking. Either way, here is what we've got so far!


Andreas said...

honestly speakin,

This is your best painted piece today!One can really notice you getting better and better with each figure.I also like the facepainting a lot more because its more realistic.

One thing you could add ,are some hairs dangling out of his hat;)

nice and keep up the great work!