Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Horan Figure of the week, special edition - Albuhera-

This week marks the 5000th view of "The Bench"!! As such I thought it appropriate to feature a special piece of Horans work, a 3 figure vignette called Albuhera. Since this is a special occasion many pictures will be added, a few over all shots as well as some very detailed shots from angles you would never see unless you have handled the piece in person. This to me is THE example of how a 3 figure vignette should be executed, it is viewable from all angles and it is just masterful composition hard at work. Thanks for checking out the blog and please enjoy the pictures. A big thanks goes out to Mr. Joel Glass, of whos collection these excellent miniatures belong to, for letting us into his home and allowing these pictures to be taken and shared with all of you. Thanks Joel!
Click images for larger version.


Anonymous said...

Great pics Anders!
Please keep them coming.

Robert Jan

Anders Heintz said...

I'm glad you are enjoying them! There are plenty more pictures to share so stay tuned!