Friday, March 5, 2010

Drummer, 7th Regt of Foot Update

Well well! I guess the normal saying is "one step forward and Two step backward" but I'd like to look at it the other way around, "One step backward and Two steps forward"! So what am I talking about? I started painting the drummer piece, and when painting the face I held the figure it self, rather then holding the painting base, I like to do this to get up and close to the figure, but this time the primer started to peel up, creating 'bunched up' paint in places. I cleaned it up as much as I could and thought it would be ok and as such proceeded to paint the figure. When painting the coat it was just too many rough spots which I wasn'tvery excited about so decided to strip the figure and redo it. While the figure was stripped down to the bare putty I went ahead and changed a few things I should have done in the first place. The pockets were made larger with 4 buttons, added some more hair to the temple areas, and finally added a bit more volume to the bearskin hat. So now the figure is re primed and ready to go again, and the process will be started later tonight.

Here are a couple of pictures of the figure as it was before it was stripped as well as a couple of my 'paint' set up for the workbench.
Click images for larger version


Andreas said...

youre still getting better with each figure!

but with this figure I think,you should add more hair next to his ears(dont know how this is called in english ;))

the eyebrows I think you will add right?:D

color transitions are also great!


Anders Heintz said...

Hola Andreas!

Thanks for feedback.

Yes, this was the figure before it was stripped, and I've added som more hair etc since these pictures.

Stay tuned for an update later tonight!