Friday, October 1, 2010

Daaaang! What a summer!

Wow...has been an intense summer so far. Life on a Ranch during Summer time is busy, busy busy! But in reality, that's no excuse for not being productive and dilligent enough to keep the blog updated. But, things are slowing down and I hope to be able to resume the constantly evolving blog!

Horan figure of the week will also continue, still have hundreds of pictures to share. However, the day of the week has to be moved as Wednesday are the busiest days of the week at the moment. So stay tuned for more updates!

I would also like to pick up where we left off with the sculpting videos. The problem is it is extremely time consuming to go through all the footage and edit it into 10 minute sections. However, it has been very popular and have received many great emails in support so will continue this for sure, just a matter of allocating time to get with it.

As far as what I have managed to accomplish during the blog down time is actually quite substantial. Have several new pieces to post on here and will do so in the coming days. But for now I will post a few pictures of whats to come. Will post several pictures as well as inprogress shots of each piece. Still got a few more up my sleeve and will post them when able!

54mm Original, Officer of the Bavarian Cuirassiers

54mm Original, Private, Närke-Värmland Regiment, Narva 1700

54mm Original, Amos Humiston, APG Auction figure

Legionarius - Young Miniatures


Airton Jr. said...

Hello Anders, I was very happy that you came back I'm waiting for new pictures of Bill Horan and new videos!
Best regards from Brazil

Anders Heintz said...

Hola Airton,

Thanks! I am glad you stopped by to check the blog out. Stay tuned for more updates in the near future.